Talking with your hands

With specialized teachers, silent and listeners, in which prepare for integration into schools.

On July 14th 11 mute students graduated from high school 7 which is part of the UDG.
These students are the first generation to graduate without changing the curriculum despite there disability.
This inclusive education system stems from the Association of Culture and Recreation of silent Jalisco, , an organization that DOR International has supported since 2004. Araceli Aramburu said, "
This project exists because of the funds from DOR International. Today Inclusive Education association has 80 deaf students enrolled in high school and 10 in middle school. Recent graduates have plans to pursue a degree but will need to deliver another year of preparation.
This achievement represents a breakthrough for the entire silent community, there is no precedent in the entire country of this type of action and this is another step to demonstrate the importance of Mexican Sign Language. we want to congratulate all the people who work in silent Association of Jalisco, especially the graduates and DOR hopes to remain part of projects like these."