In DOR International we have a commitment with our community and social well-being and this is part of our philosophy. We want to make a difference in our social environment from the way we work to the way we live. Throughout the years we have proved our interest participating in the development of multiple strategies and corporate practices that contribute to better shaping the economic and social aspect of all our collaborators, their families and the mexican society. From this interest to help our community two great projects were born: Inclusive Company, which has the purpose of giving a job opportunity to people who are in substance abuse rehab programs and "Hablando Con Las Manos", which translates to "Talking with your Hands" a program that supports the "Asociación de Silentes de Jalisco" that looks to improve the life quality giving better opportunities to people with hearing disabilities.

"Empresa Incluyente" or Inclusive Company

A project that is born thanks to our great team of employees along with "Casa LOA".
It is our most recent project which started almost 1 year ago and has the goal of surpassing social barriers and giving job opportunities to people with substance-abuse problems in rehab and social re-integration process. The jobs we offer become part of their rehabilitation therapy and help the go back to society successfully. Thanks to this project we have been able to gibe job to more than 8 people.
We are working further with "Casa LOA" hoping we can keep helping other people that wish to overcome their addictions and contribute to our society.
In 2004 we started our Social Support System so that we could provide help, resources and donations to the "Asociación Deportiva Cultural y Recreativa de Silentes de Jalisco A.C." which translates to The Sports, Culture and Recreation Association for Deaf People of Jalisco A.C. This Association aims to promote the social integration of people with hearing disabilities, giving priority to the promotion and defense of their human rights. With the resources DOR International has donated they have improved several things like: installation of better learning equipment for classrooms, training for their personal, hiring of specialized teachers, new sports equipment and more. One of our most recent goals together has been the integration of young hearing impaired students to the state university the "Universidad De Guadalajara" on all levels from high school to college. With our help the students have accessed regular study plans and classes.