We have developed a software that provides us with live information about the operation of a site directly to our central offices where our technicians are constantly monitoring all active devices, that way we can know if a product is reaching the end of its useful time, if it is malfunctioning or if any device is having problems transmitting/receiving signals.
This way we can assure the best mantainence service and guarantee everything is functioning perfectly, keeping you and your business running smoothly and without any problems.


In DOR International® we have the experience and knowledge requierd to design, build and equip commercial movie theatres, offering full blown solutions for small and large companies regarding subjects like:

We advise on:

  • Esópicas curves and Configurations Stadium
  • Distribution of the Complex

  • Adequacy and Acoustic Projection
  • Traducción Humana Traducir Design of the Projection Booth
  • Screens and systems of Mask
  • Ambient lighting, floor and steps and Electrical Installation
  • Sistemas de Emergencia y Prevención de Incendio
o Supervisión y Asesoría en Obra
o Dulcerías y Taquillas
o DISPLAYS Digitales para Taquillas, Dulcerías, Lobbies y Posters

In addition we have:

  • Installation, commissioning, updating and maintenance of digital projection systems
  • Complete installation of equipment
  • Installation of screens, frames, Bases, skirts and Dynamic Masks adapt our efforts to the requirements of each customer, and we make sure that the project is aligned with the concept and brand.

Maintenance and Emergency Services


In DOR we understand that downtime is not an option. We therefore count with telephone counseling services and different maintenance services:

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Emergency Maintenance
  • Technical Support via phone 24/7.
  • Immediate delivery of spare parts for Christie Projection Systems and Xenon Light Bulbs 

We also offer emergency replacement equipment that can temporaly substitute any damaged equipment while it is repaired by our technicians.